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We strongly believe in helping our customers find solutions that fit their needs. Checkout our weapon storage brochure below.

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5-Capacity Stock Shelf

Create an additional level of storage for rifles, carbines and rifles on our universal back panel with this shelf. The all-steel component integrates with our back panel to support 5 fully-accessorized weapons with ease in most of our storage solutions. The shelf comes with a rubber matting inlay to protect your stock from scratches and dents overtime.

Weapon Locker

The most compact weapon rack available offers space for 3 long guns, pistols or tasers, ammo and some accessories. The perforated gate simplifies visual inspection and is attached with a full-length concealed hinge with very little space for tools to penetrate and tamper. Attach lockers together or to a wall for even more weapon storage versatility.

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Pope AF Base


Large-Scale Residential Installation #1

Warranty Statement:

Dasco Storage Solutions warrants its products to be free from defects of workmanship and material for 15 years from date of possession. Our responsibility shall be limited to repair or replace without charge. We will be responsible for transportation costs if product is deemed under warranty. It is our option, however, to void this warranty if we feel the product has been subjected to mishandling or abuse or used for a purpose other than it was designed.


Dasco’s expert product designers have created many solutions for unique customer needs. We take the time to fully understand your storage requirements and develop a solution that works for you. Contact a storage specialist.