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Keep all of your gear secure and organized with our gear storage lockers. Choose from large perforated lockers, first responder’s lockers or strong corridor lockers – we have a solution for any gear storage application.

TA-50 Locker Closed

TA-50 Gear Storage Locker

The TA-50 Gear Storage Locker is a fully-welded secure locker that’s designed with gear storage in mind.

TA-50 Locker Closed

Two-Tier TA-50 Gear Storage Locker

Ventilated two-compartment locker for secure gear storage.

Constable Locker Open

Constable Locker

The Constable Locker is designed for storing gear and weapons in a secure locker.

Duty Bag Locker Gear Storage

Duty Bag Locker

Store gear bags, cases, ammunition and more in the Duty Bag Locker.

Excalibur Locker

Excalibur Locker

Excalibur Lockers are manufactured with our thickest, strongest steel to provide maximum security and durability.

Event Locker

Event Locker

Secure your uniforms and gear with a strong, ventilated locker storage solution.

7-Compartment Powered Laptop Tower

Laptop Tower

The Laptop Tower is the perfect solution for securely storing toughbooks, tablets and other powered accessories.

Constable Locker

Store gear and weapons in a single locker with the Constable Locker. Designed for first responder’s locker rooms, the durable locker is extremely versatile. Lock footwear or carrying cases in the bottom drawer. Keep clothing, weapons and more safe and secure in the top, ventilated compartment.

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Warranty Statement:

Dasco Storage Solutions warrants its products to be free from defects of workmanship and material for 15 years from date of possession. Our responsibility shall be limited to repair or replace without charge. We will be responsible for transportation costs if product is deemed under warranty. It is our option, however, to void this warranty if we feel the product has been subjected to mishandling or abuse or used for a purpose other than it was designed.


Dasco’s expert product designers have created many solutions for unique customer needs. We take the time to fully understand your storage requirements and develop a solution that works for you. Contact a storage specialist.