Dasco creates unique storage systems for many applications. Browse some of our client case studies and custom products to see how we come up with expert storage solutions.



Department of Corrections Emergency Response Trailer


Large-Scale Residential Installation #1


Voorhees Township Police Department


Emergency Services Training Institute

Dasco was asked to design a locker for individuals who all had specially-designed tool boxes and needed to secure them each evening.

We converted our constable locker to be a personal change locker, and included a lockable, secure compartment for the tool boxes. These large lockers also had to be manufactured in THREE pieces so that they could be brought through a narrow doorway for the installation.

A very large training military base in Australia had a problem. They had efficiency problems when it came to distributing weapons for training to a large group of recruits. Dasco designed a double-sided, two-level, heavy-duty transport cart that can be loaded in the armory with weapons, bayonets and ammo magazines. The cart can be brought out on or near the range for fast and organized distribution of weapons. After the training, the weapons can be quickly and effectively re-inserted on to the cart and brought back to the armory.

 Since the carts were going to be moved around the large base in a variety of ways, the weapons needed to be secured to the cart. We developed a system to hold the weapons in place during transport that’s easily undone when they needed to be unloaded.

Several very large correctional facilities asked us to help them develop a solution to transport large quantities of leg irons, hand cuffs and various chains from the main building to transport areas. The cabinet needed to be secure and organized – they were using a variety of chains, which can be difficult to untangle.

We utilized our versatile component wall, with some newly designed components to create an organized heavy-duty secure cart, now also known as our Handcuff and Chain Cart. Sturdy wheels and all-steel construction make this a very durable secure transport solution.

A public transit client’s very expensive radios kept going missing. They never had a secure central location for charging and signing them out. We developed a secure solution using our secure tambour door cabinet with custom-made powered drawers.

Each drawer powered and organized the radios with their cradles and accessories. The outer all-steel tambour door included a key lock and an additional padlock option for added security. Our client is extremely happy with the storage solution and can’t imagine going back to life without the new cabinets.

A defence base in Europe had a large heavy-barrel storage problem. The barrels were being stored standing up and leaning on to a wall, which is not the proper way to care for barrels. Dasco was asked to design a cabinet strong enough and large enough to house 100 barrels of random length.

Our solution was 10-tier storage unit, with space with 10 barrels per shelf. With capacity for up to 100 barrels, the base won’t need to lean barrels unsecure against a wall.