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We understand what it takes to innovate for the future. We lead the secure storage industry in new product creation, manufacturing techniques and technologic advancement.

We also know how important it is to manufacture our products with earth’s future in mind. That’s why at Dasco, we’re environmentally conscious about all of our value-add jobs.

Painting Products

Dasco’s modern powder-coat paint line doesn’t emit any chemicals or fumes. We also use re-claim vacuums to collect excess paint to reuse. We ensure that our paint procedure is the best for our products, users and the planet.

Packaging for Shipment

We ship thousands of products a year, so you can imagine how much cardboard is used for shipping. That’s why Dasco only purchases packaging cardboard that contains a minimum of 95% recycled material.

Recycling Scrap Metal

We recycle all of our scrap metal. Cutting, stamping and manufacturing steel can create a lot of scrap metal. Conveyors are installed on all necessary machines to collect and move scrap metal to collection bins, so no scrap steel is discarded.

Bi-Fold Weapon Rack Installation for Tidewater Jail


"I wanted to upgrade and enhance our armory here at Western Tidewater Regional Jail in Virginia. The armory had not been touched since it was built in 1992. Steve was a tremendous help and recommended a gun locker storage system, the 84” Stackable Weapon Rack (SWR), and we could not be happier with the product. It was very customizable and allowed us to store not only our over 150 Glock model 19s in their cases with the serial numbers showing and 3 magazines in the box. We could space the shelves perfectly to minimize wasted space and the construction is excellent. Great welds on all the corners and a perfect finish on the unit as a whole. We were able to add a rack to the bottom of one of the 2 units we purchased to house our lethal and non-lethal shotguns and had plenty of space above the rack for pistols, training kits, and other items.

I highly recommend this product. Teamed with a good set of storage shelves or even an additional unit for ammunition storage and you will have tremendous capacity and flexibility."

— Tim, Western Tidewater Regional Jail