Dasco Storage Solutions began as an office equipment supplier back in 1963.  From furniture to chalk, Dasco Data Products (as we were called back then) supplied it all!  As office technology progressed, Dasco hit its stride as a supplier and innovative manufacturer of products that are still commonly seen in every office, computer room and IT facility.  More than 40 years ago DDP was manufacturing the best- built racks for tape reels, the best-built computer desks for the new computer room and the finest quality multi-purpose storage cabinets that were available. Dasco has been a sign of quality, endurance and value for 50 years.

Dasco continues to design and manufacture innovative, high-quality products that are customized to the needs of our clients. Today, security, flexibility and space efficiency are the concepts that are demanded by our clients.  Although we still sell products for office installations, we have adapted our cabinets and storage solutions for a wide variety of applications including secure weapon and narcotics storage.